20th Century British Photographs

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Finding Pictures

Pictures are arranged under general headings down the left hand side of the shop. At the top of the column is a search facility that will find words used either in the title of the picture or in the short description seen on the pop up window when the thumbnail is clicked.

Should you be looking for a particular picture, but do not find it on this web site, please enquire (e-mail link below).

We have thousands of pictures ready for printing and only a small proportion are displayed here. If we feel we can help, we will send you some samples by e-mail.

Commercial Use & Copyright

All the pictures sold off this website are the intellectual property of Stilltime and protected by copyright. Pictures are sold on the understanding that they are for display only and that no reproductions will be made of them by any means whatsoever. However, all our pictures are available for commercial use in publications or advertising. Please contact us for details.

Print Quality

The photographs are printed using an Epson 7800 wide format printer which uses the Epson Ultra Chrome K3 inkset system. The results compared with earlier black & white digital printers are truly superb. Whereas before the prints nearly always had a slight colour cast which varied according to the light source they were viewed under, these prints are pure black and white and virtually indistinguishable from traditional dark room photography. Even more impressive is the absence of colour shift when the prints are viewed under different light sources.

Research done by the Wilhelm Research institute indicates that the prints will have a fade resistance from 85 years to over 300 years if stored in albums. The results can be found here.

Image Quality

All old negatives will have suffered some deterioration. This occurs either by careless handing from the age when the pictures where modern and therefore less interesting and also by the ageing of the chemical structure of the photographic emulsion. Repair work to photographs is not new to the digital age as traditional dark room printers would always "spot" a printed picture to remove small defects. In the digital age, the process has become quicker and much more capable which leaves the problem of how much should be done.

We are guided by the following principles in working on the pictures:

  • We will crop out areas that we do not think relevant to the subject matter on the assumption that the picture is wanted for display. Some historians require the full picture and you are requested to let us know if this is what you require.
  • Contrast is set to provide a striking display piece. This darkens the shadow areas and produces brighter light areas but again, is not wanted by historians who may wish to see all the detail in these areas. Again, please let us know and we will set the contrast accordingly but please note that this will result in a duller, flatter picture.
  • We will never add content to a picture. What is seen was taken by the photographer and no more. The only exception to this is where a photographic plate may have had the corner broken off and we will rebuild that corner with similar texture from the surrounding area. Such areas of damage are normally grass, gravel, sky or road surface areas of no significance to the main subject matter.
  • We will repair scratches where they intrude into the subject area and "spot" the picture in the same manner as dark room printers.
  • Fading and blotches will be repaired at the discretion of our printer but may often be left alone as these can add to the aged character of the picture. Remember that you are purchasing a print from what is often an antique photographic plate.

Print Sizes

The following print sizes are offered: A4, A3 and 24 inches by 36 inches (609mm x 915mm). For some images we even offer a size of 24 inches by 36 inches (609mm x 915mm).

Most of our pictures are rectangular and we will always print to fill the maximum space of the selected size of print. For example, the 24" x 36" size is printed from an Epson 24 inch (609mm) wide roll and if the picture is a normal landscape rectangular negative, the length of the picture will come out at around 35 inches (889mm). The ratio of height to length is not always the same and so some variations will occur in the length.

If the picture was of portrait alignment, we would print to a width of 24 inches and a height of approximately 35 inches.

Square pictures obviously can only be printed with more or less equal sides.

As we only print to order, we cannot be certain of exact dimensions before they are produced. The printer will always leave a very small border around the printed area.

Ordering, Cancelling & Refunds

We do not see or take any record of your payment card details. Please use the special instructions box at the check out to add any special requirements such as strength of contrast or special cropping instructions. As pictures are printed to order, we can tailor the product to your requirements.

You may cancel your order within 24hrs of placing it by sending us an e-mail with details of your name, address and the order placed.

Should you be dissatisfied with the product received please return it to us securely packaged stating your reasons for dissatisfaction and we will refund your money. Please be aware though that you are purchasing prints from negatives up to 100 years old. Please read the notes on picture size and quality above.

Should Stilltime have reason to believe that the customer will be dissatisfied with the pictures delivered we reserve the right to refuse to supply.

Discounts & Special Orders

If you wish to place a large order, please contact us for special discounts. We can also supply many more pictures than those shown in the shop area, particularly 20th century road transport, so if you are looking for a particular subject, please ask as we may be able to supply it.


The pricing varies from picture to picture. All prices are shown without UK VAT (value added tax, general sales tax, GST) currently rated at 20%. VAT must be levied at this rate for any European Union (EU) sales. Customers outside the EU will no be charged any tax.

Exchange Rates

Being a UK based company, our prices are quoted in Pounds Sterling.

Post, Packaging & Delivery

Post and packaging varies according to the postal zone. The rate is levied per order. one for one package and does not increase if more than one picture is ordered. Delivery times will vary according to the time of year. Please allow up to 14 days for delivery at busy times of the year or for distant markets.


With such a wide variety of subjects covering such a long time, we cannot claim expertise about every subject. So, if we are clueless ("unidentified...."), a bit thin on information or just plain wrong, we would appreciate enlightenment

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